22 Nov 2010

Press Release: Leicester based start up saves organisations money with online document management

Platinum Business Systems News

Platinum Business Systems is saving organisations time, money and improving operational efficiency with its Secure Online Filing service. Secure Online Filing is a secure web based document management repository developed by the company.

Secure Online Filing allows organisations to securely store documents online. The benefits of adopting the system include reclaiming the physical space occupied by paper archives, speed of document retrieval, business continuity and the ability to provide access to an authorised user anywhere in the world.

Platinum Business Systems, the company behind Secure Online Filing today announced that a new version of the software has been released introducing additional features and capacity due to increased customer demand. The document management solution is used by hundreds of users to store a variety of document types ranging from personnel files to engineer worksheets to purchase invoices. The system is fully customisable; everything from the look and feel of the system, document types, index fields and user access permissions can be configured.

Secure Online Filing is delivered as a hosted solution (Software as a Service) by Platinum, and because no client software is required it is possible for authorised users anywhere in the world with internet access to log in to search and retrieve documents. No longer do the users need to spend time physically visiting the filing cabinet searching for files.

One organisation that has adopted the system is a local council, they have been using the system for over two years and host all council HR related documents on the system. Because the system hosts live data, and not just archive files, the entire HR department, some 150 users use the system every day as part of their operational processes.

The founders of the Leicester based start up developed the hosted system themselves whilst working for a leading document management company. However they bought the rights to the system themselves and are investing heavily in the future of this successful and efficient system.  The system is completely secure and proven through two years of live working.

Announcing the expansion of the system, Dan Martin, Managing Director of Platinum Business Systems explained: “Since acquiring the solution that we developed from the previous owner we have continued to expand and implement innovative technology which allows our customers to continue improving their operational efficiency and therefore save time and money.

“The company we acquired the system from focused on document scanning sales, it was clear to us that the document management solution we had developed was a business in its own right. Separating the document hosting solution from the bureau means we’re truly bureau independent and can work with any scanning bureau.”

Within the coming weeks Platinum Business Systems plan to launch further developments to the system, specifically aimed at the reseller channel.